Ancient plesiosaur taken down by gang of prehistoric sharks

Published on September 29th, 2009 | by Admin


According to fossil evidence, a gang of 7 or more sharks took down a plesiosaur 85 million years ago.

After reading the report, Shimada wanted to take a closer look at the types of shark teeth. Based on his findings, he estimates that at least seven sharks of different ages attacked the plesiosaur.

The scientist was even more shocked when he identified the species of attacking shark: the extinct, nine-foot-long (three-meter-long) Cretalamna appendiculata.

By contrast, the sharks’ plesiosaur prey was a roughly 23-foot-long (7-meter-long) animal armed with a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth and powerfully muscled, paddlelike limbs.

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One Response to Ancient plesiosaur taken down by gang of prehistoric sharks

  1. MamaMacabre says:

    Holy cow, must have been a feeding frenzy. Perhaps the Plesiosaur was already wounded or ill and couldn’t defend itself effectively.

    The Shark is the ideal of survival. They are still the terror of the seas after so many millennia have passed.

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