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World’s oldest lighthouse to be saved

A lighthouse located in Turkey which dates back nearly 2,000 years has received restoration funding from the government.

The lighthouse has been dated to around A.D. 60 because the name of Nero, the Roman emperor at the time, was found on significant remnants of the circular inscription that surrounded the structure.

Havva I??k, professor of the archaeology department of the faculty of arts and sciences at Akdeniz University, headed the team that discovered the lighthouse, and called on the authorities in late July to allocate money to save the lighthouse. She said the ancient building could be the new symbol of Antalya.

The team came across the ruins of the historical lighthouse, which stands 60 meters from the sea today, during excavation work done in Patara in 2005. “It was covered under an 11-meter high sand dune,” I??k told daily Milliyet at the time. “We had to remove approximately 3,000 truck loads of sand to uncover it. But it should be restored, or we will lose it forever.”

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