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Historians discover French plan to invade Britain

Historians have uncovered an 18th-century French plan to invade Britain with an American army during the War of Independence.

The plan, which was drawn up by a French general, was to bring over 10,000 American soldiers and capitalise on a Britain that was distracted by the war on the other side of the Atlantic.

The general also proposed that the force include a corps of American Indians, or “sauvages”, as he termed them, that would strike terror into the British.

The document was drawn up by Charles-François Dumouriez when commander at Cherbourg and bears a pencil note saying it came from the papers of General Barthélemy Scherer, briefly Minister of War.

5 thoughts on “Historians discover French plan to invade Britain

  1. Is there any evidence the French tried to implement this plan? Or is this just another set of military contingencies that weren’t implemented?

    It is the job of military planners to come up with lots of options. It is the job of executive leadership to decide what to implement.

  2. A ridiculous proposition. How, for instance, would the French transport 10000 Americans to their own ports in the face of the British Navy? The naval assets to accomplish such a mission was far beyond France’s capabilities.

    France had trouble enough supplying her own forces in Canada when engaged with the British and Americans a generation earlier.

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