Scientist reproduces Shroud of Turin with medieval techniques

Published on October 6th, 2009 | by Admin


An Italian scientist claims to have reproduced the Shroud of Turin using materials and techniques from the Middle Ages, proving the linin cloth was a medieval fake.

They placed a linen sheet flat over a volunteer and then rubbed it with a pigment containing traces of acid. A mask was used for the face.

The pigment was then artificially aged by heating the cloth in an oven and washing it, a process which removed it from the surface but left a fuzzy, half-tone image similar to that on the Shroud. He believes the pigment on the original Shroud faded naturally over the centuries.

They then added blood stains, burn holes, scorches and water stains to achieve the final effect.

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4 Responses to Scientist reproduces Shroud of Turin with medieval techniques

  1. Dan says:

    The Italian group think that they may have been able to recreate the Shroud of Turin. Maybe they have? But, I’d love for them to try and recreate the coffee stained image of the Virgin Mary I personally have. A few photos of the image can be found here on Flickr.

  2. You should sell that on eBay, Dan!

  3. mam says:

    Too bad you’re just six centuries too late, Dan. Some Medici would have paid you a whole lotta gold florins for that back in the 1400s!

  4. Eddie says:

    I think its amazing that we can now wonder “is it possible?” Your personal faith aside the ability for science to unprove some things that we considered fact is awesome .

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