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Original 1930s King Kong figurine up for sale

Do you have an extra quarter million dollars  lying around? Are you a movie buff? Well, November 24 is your lucky day as that is when the original armature figurine used to film the 1930s version of King Kong is going up for sale.

A tiny King Kong figurine that helped launch the career of one of cinema’s biggest monsters is going up for sale, Christie’s auction house said Friday.

The London auctioneer said the 22-inch (56-centimeter) skeleton was the one used in the climactic scene of the 1933 movie in which the humongous ape climbs New York’s Empire State Building, clutching a blonde starlet and swatting away fighter planes.

“King Kong” wowed 1930s audiences with groundbreaking special effects that appeared to show the titular beast brawling with dinosaurs and cutting a swathe of destruction through New York City.

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