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A third of dinosaurs species never existed

A controversial new theory is suggesting that as many as a third of all dinosaur species discovered so far may never have existed in the first place.

That’s because young dinosaurs didn’t look like Mini-Me versions of their parents, according to new analyses by paleontologists Mark Goodwin, University of California, Berkeley, and Jack Horner, of Montana State University.

Instead, like birds and some other living animals, the juveniles went through dramatic physical changes during adulthood.

This means many fossils of young dinosaurs, including T. rex relatives, have been misidentified as unique species, the researchers argue.

One thought on “A third of dinosaurs species never existed

  1. Whilst incredibly devastating to dinosaur lovers and wee children, I support this theory totally. In their haste for fame, many Paleontologists surely have rushed to name a new set of bones when actually the new set merely belonged to a different stage of development of the older saurian. Now, I would like to see an updated list of the actual saurians rather than all the “manufactured” creatures. That holds far more interest for me than memorizing yet another name in an already long list of dinosaurs.

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