“Early bird” Archaeopteryx may not be a bird after all

Published on October 13th, 2009 | by Admin


Renewed analysis of Archaeoperyx fossils reveal that the “bird” was actually a feathered dinosaur that was capable of some aerial behavior.

Dr. Erickson said in an interview that studied under a polarizing microscope, the dense microstructure of the bone showed few traces of blood vessels. He said this was evidence of a slow metabolism by which the individual probably took more than two years to reach adult size. Birds have especially fast metabolisms, making them able to leave the nest in days or a few weeks.

Mark A. Norell, a co-author who specializes in dinosaur research at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, said the findings showed that “the transition to physiological and metabolic birds happened well after Archaeopteryx.” As a result, he added, the evolutionary emergence of birds “is still a huge mystery.”

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One Response to “Early bird” Archaeopteryx may not be a bird after all

  1. I’m wondering why it is a mystery for Dr. Erickson that the Archaeopteryx should have reptilian qualities instead of the metabolism of a modern bird….it’s supposed to be a ‘missing link’ isn’t it?

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