Egypt asks for Rosetta Stone back after Louvre victory

Published on October 13th, 2009 | by Admin


After successfully reclaiming some frescoes from the Louvre, Egypt now wants to borrow the Rosetta Stone from the British Museum.

[Zahi Hawass] now wants the British Museum to lend the Rosetta Stone to Cairo. The artefact, dating from 196BC, carries inscriptions in Greek and Egyptian that first enabled hieroglyphics to be deciphered.

“I am not asking for all the objects in the British Museum to come back, only for the unique objects to come back to Egypt,” he said.

The basalt stone was discovered by French soldiers in 1799, but was ceded to Britain by the Treaty of Alexandria in 1801 and moved to the British Museum the following year.

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  1. Give ’em an inch…..

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