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Christopher Columbus writings prove he was Spanish

I was unaware there was a controversy here, but apparently France, Portugal and even Scotland have claimed Christopher Columbus as their own. A thorough investigation of his writings have proven, once and for all, that he was Spanish.

A study of the language used in the official records and letters of the Great Navigator apparently proves he hailed from the Kingdom of Aragon in northeastern Spain and his mother tongue was Catalan.

Since his death in 1506 debate has raged over the true nationality of the man credited with discovering the Americas.

It was widely believed that he was the son of a weaver born in the Italian port of Genoa, but over the centuries he has been claimed as a native son of Greece, Catalonia, Portugal, Corsica, France and even Poland.

According to one theory, he may have been Jewish and another more recent account traced his origins to Scotland.

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