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Vikings traded with pre-Inuit peoples in the Arctic

An archaeologist studying ancient sites in the Arctic has discovered evidence that Vikings traded with the pre-Inuit people of the area.

Seemeega Aqpik, manager of the Mayukalik Hunters and Trappers Organization, said Sutherland found a half of a whetstone nearby in 2001, of a type used by Norse people. Upon returning to the Canadian Museum of Civilization she found it was the other half of a piece dug up in the 1960s. The whetstone was embedded with fragments of iron, silver and gold, clearly not the product of either Inuit or Dorset cultures.

“She’s finding out that the Vikings and the Tuniit were trading,” said Aqpik. “Artifacts they found are starting to tell a story.”

One thought on “Vikings traded with pre-Inuit peoples in the Arctic

  1. i don’t think there was extensive trading going on. some of these artifacts may have been the spoils of war as canada’s 1st nations peoples defended their homelands from foreign aggression. the canadian people should be proud of our ancestors and the courage they faced against the norsemen. the vikings never traded weapons. iron was the prize and the vikings never traded that away. anything that was traded was a one sided gambit. the vikings were outmatched,outclassed and overcome by nature and our 1st nations ancestors.

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