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Staffordshire Knot symbol older than previously thought

A Staffordshire Knot symbol has been found in the Shaffordshire Hoard (read more about the discovery here), making the symbol 500 years older than previously thought.

The symbol was believed to originate from the 11th century, but the gold artefact dates back to at least the sixth century.

The discovery will add more weight to calls to keep the Staffordshire Hoard in the region – and it emerged today that a National Lottery bid may centre on plans to create an exhibition at Shugborough or the County Buildings in Stafford.

Staffordshire County Council is putting together the bid to keep the Hoard, which would become a world-class tourist attraction. Council leader Councillor Philip Atkins said: “The Staffordshire knot found on one of the items was 500 years older than the oldest known use of the county symbol.”

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  1. Great information, as always. But please do keep in mind you are in a world timeline net. Country of origin, when writing an article/story, would be much appreciated. (The place where the article may have been found, where it is at, etc.) You should not take it for granted that we all know where these places are and, in my case, sometimes, have to look up to see where the place is you refer to. Thank you so much.

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