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Amelia Earhart’s ‘hair’ revealed to be threads

Strands of Amelia Earhart’s hair kept at a Cleveland museum have been revealed to be nothing more than a clump of threads.

The International Women’s Air and Space Museum, which is located at Burke Lakefront Airport, had received the thread 20 years ago from the Smithsonian Institution. It, in turn, had received it from a man in Pennsylvania.

“We don’t think it’s a hoax,” says Toni Mullee, executive director of the museum. “We think they though that had something special and wanted an institution to have it.”

The story seemed plausible enough. A book had been published by a maid who worked at the White House. She said that on Earhart’s last visit there before her fateful attempt to fly around the world in 1937, Earhart had “clipped an unruly curl” of hair from her head and thrown it in a wastebasket.

The author, Lillian Rogers Parks, writes that her mother, who also had been a maid at the White House, retrieved the clump of hair and passed it on to her.

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