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USS Missouri undergoing $18 million preservation

The WWII vessel the USS Missouri, located in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, is undergoing a major restoration and preservation effort.

“I want it to be here forever,” Weidenbach said Thursday. “I want to die knowing we took care of the ship the best we were able.

“For me as curator, this is our primary artifact, so it’s not like a normal Navy ship that has a life span of decades,” he said. “This is supposed to be like the U.S. Constitution. It’s supposed to be hundreds of years.”

Weidenbach visited the ship at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and said it was challenging to capture the size and scope of the 887-foot vessel in a photograph.

“It was overwhelming,” he said. “It’s bigger than you can see. I’ve seen it above the waterline for 10 years, and I knew it was massive. But when you see the other half of it … gosh.”

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