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Roman temple found in Tuscany

A fourth century Roman temple has been found in the Italian region of Tuscany.

The rectangular-shaped structure measures 11.5 metres by 6.5 metres and was built using a Roman-building technique called ‘opus testaceum’. A loose stone foundation covered by bricks which are then covered in slabs of marble.

According to archaeologists, the temple suggests there was once an important Roman settlement in the area, which served as a trading port that handled goods coming from Africa and from the entire Mediterranean basin.

The goods would then be transported north to the city of Siena and the Etruscan town of Roselle (Rosellae in Latin) or south towards the town of Heba (now called Magliano in Toscana) and the ancient town of Ager Cosanus, which is also located in Tuscany.

At the temple site, archaeologists found at least 50 Roman coins and a huge quantity of ceramic artefacts originating from all over the Mediterranean basin, but especially from Tunisia.

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