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World War II colour footage discovered

Two canisters of colour WWII footage have been found after more than 60 years.

Herman Graebner, 89, remembers virtually every detail of his four years in the U.S. Army. What he didn’t reveal until recently though, was that he had shot two reels of color movie film of the action he saw in the war.

Graebner, spry, alert, and bright eyed, says he put the two canisters of film into a box sometime after the war ended in 1945. “I had come back home,” he said, “and my wife Marilynn and I were starting a family.”

Three daughters and more than 60 years later, Captain Graebner’s re-discovered treasures will become part of a History Channel documentary series.

“The value of what Herm has captured on 8 millimeter film is not only a documentary, but a record that will soon be gone,” says Dr. James Banks, Graebner’s neighbor, and an historian with the Crile Archives at Tri-C West.

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