New research claims Vladimir Lenin died from syphilis, not a stroke

Published on October 23rd, 2009 | by Admin


According to new research, Vladimir Lenin died from syphilis caught from a Parisian prostitute and not from a stroke as was previously believed.

Helen Rappaport, an acclaimed historian and author, said that books, papers and journals charting Lenin’s last years show that he contracted the sexually transmitted disease and that it ultimately claimed his life.

She said Lenin showed many symptoms of syphilis and that many among the Soviet hierarchy believed he had it. But they were banned from speaking in public and threatened with death because of the embarrassment it would cause.

Instead, official documents show that his death was attributed to declining health following three stokes and an assassination attempt in 1918.

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One Response to New research claims Vladimir Lenin died from syphilis, not a stroke

  1. Matome Mametje says:

    Up to this day I still find it difficult to understand why people can’t understand the bright side of comrade Lenin’s contribution to mankind and his discipline as a revolutionary leader and a venerable statesman of all time.Clearly,to me this negativity is only a real sign as to how far ahead this immortal comrade was and is for this mobs to get grips with.Russia recently since Soviet establishment has opened the doors wide to space exploration with unimaginable impact on human development and with the understanding we have of how the universe operate today it could also be argued that we have a real chance to save mankind from doom.

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