Archaeologists excavate Hanford nuclear site’s garbage dumps

Published on October 26th, 2009 | by Admin


Archaeologists have been excavating garbage dumps at Hanford Site, Washington, where tens of thousands of workers’s refuse was buried when they worked on the nuclear reservation during World War II.

Archaeologists are sorting through what those early Hanford workers and their families threw away at the atomic boom town, seeing if what they find can tell more of the story of the Manhattan Project.

“This is a little piece of the puzzle we are trying to add to it,” said Brian Smith, archaeologist and owner of Brian F. Smith and Associates of San Diego.

Interviews over the years have collected information directly from the people who moved to the barren Eastern Washington desert during the war for a secret project. Only a few scientists and some engineers clever enough to piece together information knew that they were building an industrial complex to produce plutonium in the world’s first production-sized nuclear reactors.

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