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Amelia Earhart’s final resting place believed found

Amelia Earhart’s most likely died on an uninhabited island called Nikumaroro in the southwestern Pacific republic of Kiribati.

The author of a book on Earhart, Burns believes that the strongest of the amassed evidence comes from the report related to the partial skeleton found by Gallagher.

“The skeleton was found to be consistent in appearance with females of European descent in the United States today, and the stature was consistent with that of Amelia Earhart,” said Burns.

According to Burns, another piece of documentary evidence comes from the accounts of Lt. John O. Lambrecht, a U.S. Naval aviator participating in the search for Earhart’s plane. Lambrecht reported “signs of recent habitation” on what was an officially uninhabited atoll.

5 thoughts on “Amelia Earhart’s final resting place believed found

  1. Intriquing as this post is, there has to be more physical evidence. Was/will DNA be done? There are a host of questions I could pose but, I am only commenting on this one post.

    Bring her home, if she has been found, and let her rest in peace.

    Best wishes,

  2. .

    This whole theory seems based on some very questionable “evidence” the details of which are available on the TIGHAR website.

    At the moment there is very slim evidence of the death of a european woman on a deserted island in the pacific, and absolutely nothing linking her to Amelia Earhart other than Earhart being lost in that corner of the planet.

    There are many other plausable causes for a European castaway being stranded on the island – sinking ship / private yacht etc, there appears no study of those other possible sources of the skeleton.

    The skeleton could have just as easily been a young polynesian female, stranded there from a fishing expedition, there is not conclusive proof of it being of European or “American” origins.

    The finding of a shoe doesnt link it to the skeleton, simply the island, and again that could simply be flotsum or jetsum, as could be the remains of a navigation instrument case.

    To date there has been no recovery of any aircraft remains to support any link to an aviator, let alone Earhart.

  3. Please find her cause I love earheart ! I always talk bout her and look up her research everyday bring her to solid ground and take care of her cause one day I wanna be like her and fly a plain

  4. What is predictable here is the amount of dis-information on the Internet just before the 75th Anniversary Exploration sponsored by the Dept of State! A lot of corruption here. The coming “find” is not about TIGHAR, it is about the sponsors. They realize the Castaways Theory is a fairytale and they want their $1.25 million recouped. Wouldn’t you? This is all a response to a book called Amelia Earhart – Take Off to Oblivion. ( Beware of the Discovery Channel Press monopoly. They have lost money too. All the fundamentals look dirty on what should be a very nice affair.

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