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4,500-year-old city found on banks of Euphrates

A 4,500-year-old circular city has been found on the banks of the Euphrates. Archaeologists need to work quickly though, because the area is set to be flooded due to a dam project.

The other is some 200 kilometres from these ruins, and it was thought that the circular plan was something out of the ordinary. The results of the expedition, defined as a historic find, will soon be presented in Madrid.

According to Montero, the concepts that we take for granted in the history books could be rewritten. It is not Pompeii, but according to the archaeologist, it is comparable proportionately.

The objective of the expedition is to determine what the concept of border was from the IV millennium to the Byzantine period. The city could represent the passage from the rural cycle to the urban cycle, in other words the first cities in history and show the border of the Mari kingdom, the ancient rivals of Babylonia.

The Galician archaeologists will continue to work in the area next year. The director of the project hopes to bring the walls to the surface as well as its secrets as a dam threatens to flood this piece of history.

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