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Incas practiced ritual decapitation of enemies

Archaeologists in Peru have concluded that the Inca decapitated their enemies to use the heads as offerings after finding three skulls in a ceremonial vessel.

The director of Sacsayhuaman Archaeological Park, Washington Camacho, told Efe Friday that the heads found this week on Qowicarana ridge, an ancient ceremonial center north of Cuzco, could have been those of ancient chiefs or leaders of peoples who were enemies of the Incas.

For the archaeologist, the “trophy heads” could have been cut off “during a battle or in some other place after the capture of these “curacas” (chiefs of enemy peoples).

It is believed, Camacho said, that the offering of heads belonged to “the last phase of the Inca Empire,” in other words around 1500, probably “when Huayna Capac reigned.”

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