Mesolithic flint weapons found in Leicestershire, England

Published on November 17th, 2009 | by Admin


Excavations at a Prehistoric site in Leicestershire, England have turned up a large number of flint tools and flakes.

Over 5000 worked flints came from this small area, including flint cores used for tool creation, blades, flakes and ‘debitage’ (small chips from tool-working), and scrapers, piercers and microlith tools with the latter being used in composite arrowheads. The Mesolithic people were occupying this site making and repairing broken flint weapons and tools on a large scale. Some of the microlith projectile points have impact fractures indicating that they had been used in arrowheads which had then been collected and reused. These tasks would have been carried out as part of a range of activities associated with their hunting expeditions.

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