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Pre-Columbian cemetery found in Costa Rica

Archaeologists have uncovered a Pre-Columbian cemetery dating back between 300 and 800A.D.

According to Corrales, the cemetery was built by an indigenous group of the Huetares who inhabited the area between 300 and 800 AD. “During this phase, known as La Selva, these groups existed within a complex social organization that centered around a chief and then everything else structured into sectors,” he said. “The burial system we see here reveals the high level of development of those communities.”

A few mysteries surround the archaeologists’ discoveries. The two excavations carried out so far revealed two very different mound configurations that intrigue anthropologists. “The first sector does not have a definite form, it is like a messy blob, whereas the second is shapped like an oblong mound. The structure features two interlocking semicircles that fail to close. This design is not very common,” said Corrales.

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