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Did cancer kill Franklin D. Roosevelt?

Slate asks whether doctors knew FDR has widespread cancer in 1944 and still let him fun for his fourth term as president.

New research makes this astounding argument—and claims that the physician who supposedly told the truth about Roosevelt’s death in 1970 was in fact continuing the deception he had helped create.

FDR may have died more than 60 years ago, but these questions still matter. Not only does presidential health—and the public’s right to know about it—remain a controversial issue, but in Roosevelt’s case, the lies in question, if true, changed history. As neurologist Steven Lomazow and journalist Eric Fettman point out in a book coming out this January, FDR’s Deadly Secret, widespread knowledge of Roosevelt’s cancer would have prevented him from running in 1944 and thus likely altered the shaping of postwar Europe.

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