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2,000-year-old aboriginal camp unearthed in Ottawa

The oldest aboriginal camp yet found in the City of Ottawa, Canada, has been unearthed on the Rideau River.

Archeologists believe that the camp on the Rideau River was used periodically by Algonquin people because it was a good site for fishing, hunting and perhaps for gathering berries.

The dig started in early November because a nearby construction project will disturb the site for about a year. The National Capital Commission and scientists working on the dig do not want the location disclosed because souvenir hunters might dig up the riverbank looking for artifacts.

The dig, which unearthed a camp about 80 metres long by perhaps 30 metres wide ended Thursday. Ian Badgley, an NCC archeologist, said the commission hopes the public will eventually be able to work on the Rideau River site and at other Ottawa Valley locations to promote greater awareness of the region’s prehistoric past.

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