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Josef Mengele’s postwar twins experiments in Brazil a myth

Is a Brazilian town—filled with blonde, blue-eyed twins evidence of postwar “master race” experimentation by “Angel of Death” Josef Mengele? A new study says no.

For the initial phase of their study—which has not yet been published or reviewed by outside scientists—the team combed through baptismal records, which the researchers say should cover about 75 percent of the children born in predominantly Catholic Cândido Godói. The records would reveal where and when the town’s many twin births had occurred.

The town’s baptismal records date back to 1927, long before Mengele’s supposed arrival—and so does the exceptional rate of twinning, the team discovered.

Furthermore, the records show no “surge” in twinning in the 1960s, when Mengele is said to have experimented on the local populace, the study says.

Also, the high rate of twin births continues today, which rules out a role for Mengele, the researchers say.

Had Mengele injected mothers with something to alter their pregnancies, the twin rate should have dropped off when his supposed work stopped.

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