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Excavation planned for home where Shakespeare died

Archaeologists are planning to dig at the Stratford-upon-Avon home where William Shakespeare died in 1616.

“Our purpose would be to create a modern record of New Place, providing us with a better understanding of the site, and potentially revealing new information about the house in which Shakespeare died and the way in which the family lived there,” said Dr Diana Owen, Director of the Trust.

“Plans for a dig are still at a conceptual stage, but we hope that a project of this kind would present a unique opportunity for our visitors to join in an excavation as it unfolds and ultimately advance our learning and thinking about Shakespeare.”

Birmingham Archaeology’s Kevin Colls said the potential project was “really exciting and unique.”

“As archaeologists, we rarely have the chance to investigate remains which are directly associated with a single individual, let alone one of the most important figures in history,” he reflected.

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