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Teen hikers stumble across Native American remains

Teenage friends hiking in Ohio stumbled across the 160-year-old remains of a Native American.

When County Coroner Dr. Mark Kaehr arrived, it didn’t take him long to decide the bones were human, probably at least 160 years old and most likely Native American. The arrowhead and a claw-tooth piece of jewelry in the hillside were certain clues.

Now, everyone is trying to decide what happens next.

The bones, an almost complete male skeleton, have been turned over to forensic specialists at the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation. Madison County Sheriff Jim Sabin and the Ohio Historical Society also are involved.

The bones were found on private property in Jefferson Township, and Sabin said that although the property owners have a right to the artifacts, they are cooperating with investigators to make certain everything is properly recorded and protected.

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