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Buddhist-era rock engravings found in India

Some Buddhist-era rock engravings have been found in the Udipi district of India.

Murugeshi said the Bhimana Paare, a grazing area of Buddhana Jeddu, is located in the reserve forest. The engravings were partially exposed due to erosion of the overlying deposit. “We have conducted three expeditions during three different seasons in the past couple of months, and exposed more then 10 engravings so far,” he said.

The pictures comprise three animals (cattle), three human figures, one embryo, abstract geometrical designs, cup marks and a number of footprints. Murugeshi said he had brought them to the notice of Dr Rajan of Pondicherry University and Dr A Sundara, retired professor and famous pre-historian of Karnataka. Rajan has identified them as petroglyphics, after seeing the first set of pictures. Sundara observed them to be important and comparatively significant.

The geometrical design, comprising spirals of a particular pattern, grabs attention and is perhaps unique. It is comparable to a similar design of the Mesolithic age from Russia, he added.

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