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Rome unveils ancient luxury complex

Officials in Italy have unveiled new discoveries found in an ancient Roman luxury complex filed with porticos, mosaics and thermal baths.

The 1,800 square-meter (2,000 square-yard) complex, dating from the 2nd to 4th centuries, has been excavated intermittently since 2004, when the ruins were accidentally discovered during the renovation of a Renaissance palazzo that stands above them.

In the latest excavation, which began in March, archaeologists uncovered a palatial room decorated with precious marble and a colorful mosaic made with half a million tiles brought from all over the Roman Empire.

They also found a “frigidarium” — a cold pool that was part of the baths built into the exclusive complex located just by the Forum constructed by Emperor Trajan.

Consolidation and restoration of these halls has given experts better understanding of how Roman baths functioned, archaeologists said in a statement.

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