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George Washington letter sells for $3.2 million

A letter written by George Washington which praises the new Constitution has been sold at auction for $3.2 million.

The four-page letter in Washington’s slanting penmanship was written to his nephew Bushrod Washington in November 1787, according to Christie’s, the company that auctioned it.

It was in the possession of an unidentified British descendant of his family, Christie’s said.

Washington led the Philadelphia Convention, at which the Constitution was drafted in 1787. After the Constitution was produced, a nationwide debate ensued on whether to ratify it.

In the letter written from Washington’s Virginia estate, Mount Vernon, he endorses the Constitution and highlights the benefits of compromise and of states merging into one nation.

“The central issues must be consolidated — and local views as far as the general good will admit, must be attended to,” he says in the letter, according to Christie’s.

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