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Sacred temple of Naylamp found in Peru

What is thought to be the sacred temple of Naylamp, the first ruler of the Lambayeque civilization, has been found in Peru.

The multicoloured scenes of human sacrifice in which we see armed warriors carrying decapitated heads – partially revealed in 1983 by investigator Christopher Donnan – were the clues archaeologists followed during eight months of the excavation and discovery of a sacred building.

More than a thousand years old, it is thought to be the temple of Naylamp, the supposedly mythical founder of the post-Moche civilisations in the region.

Removing the sand dunes that for centuries covered the 250 square metres that make up the temple took as many as 50 men, directed by archaeologist Carlos Wester La Torre, using only small digging tools and wheelbarrows to haul away the carefully removed sands, all in the midst of strong winds that plague the area.

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