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Ancient spear tip found on university campus

A spear tip dating back 4,000-7,000 years has been found by a student on the University of Washington campus.

The find is generating both excitement and anxiety for the university: excitement because of its significance, anxiety because of potential delays such a find can cause to upcoming construction projects.

Van Wyk said she was removing rocks to plant grape vines when she came across the 3-inch projectile tip about a foot down in the earth.

“It was really cool. I had no idea how much history was involved,” she said. “Since it was that shallow, I didn’t expect it to be that old.”

Peter Lape, an associate professor of anthropology and the curator of archaeology at the UW’s Burke Museum, said Van Wyk’s discovery holds significance.

“People find stuff all the time. But that one projectile point is actually pretty unusual. You don’t see a lot of those,” he said. “That style seems very limited to the Lake Union and Lake Washington area. It’s kind of cool; it’s very interesting.”

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