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Adolf Hitler’s hatred of Jews stemmed from WWI

I think this is the third or fourth story I have posted about what lies behind Hitler’s hatred for the Jews.

“The core of his hatred lies at the defeat of Germany in WW1,” said Mr Riecker, “where Hitler blamed the Jews for defeat of the country, the collapse of the monarchy and the ruination of millions”.

Dr Riecker discounts previously held theories that Hitler began hating the Jews because a Jewish doctor called Eduard Bloch unsuccessfully treated his mother Klara.

He added: “Adolf Hitler loved only two things in his life: his mother and the ‘German Reich’.

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One thought on “Adolf Hitler’s hatred of Jews stemmed from WWI

  1. Hi there,
    Surely this isn’t new? The idea that Hitler’s hatred of Jews stems from his belief that they were responsible for the “stab-in-the-back” has been a recognised fact for ages?? Or perhaps I’m missing something.
    Anyway, I enjoy your blog. Have just started mine,take a look – you’d be the first!!

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