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Staffordshire Hoard wanted by the Vatican

That is the fear of experts who believe the haul of 1,500 artefacts, made of gold and silver and decorated with precious stones, could be the lost treasure of King Edwin, a seventh century Christian monarch.

Edwin ruled Northumbria from about 616 AD until his death in 633 AD.

At the time of his death, he was one of the most powerful Kings in Saxon England and had also conquered large parts of the ancient Mercian kingdom.

And it is here that the £3.3 million hoard was discovered in a field almost 1,370 years later.

The former pagan monarch had converted to Christianity in 627 AD and set about converting the rest of England by force with the backing of Pope Boniface V and the wealthy Roman Catholic Church.

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  1. The greedy bast**ds should be banned as an institution for all of the murder, torture and mayhem that they have funded and perpetrated over the millenia…the Nazi Party has been banned, why not the Catholic Church? They’ve killed more people than Hitler.

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