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The 6 stupidest things ever done with historic treasures

We’ve done some pretty stupid things with some priceless historical treasures. has compiled a list.

#5 Mummies Used as Firewood

We typically think of mummies as dead Pharaohs, but just about anybody could buy a mummification option with their funeral plan back then. In fact, many would save up for their entire lives, foregoing less important things like, you know, food. Even those who couldn’t afford it still faced the possibility of ending up as a mummy–the conditions in the desert are such that a dead body can become naturally mummified by the sand and dry heat. Ancient Egypt was a virtual mummypalooza. Was.

By the time they stopped making mummies in Egypt, they had literally millions of them. By the 1800s, people were tripping over mummies in the street. In fact, they had more mummies in Egypt than they had trees. So, when things started to get a bit chilly in the winter and they didn’t have any wood to burn, someone looked at that pile of bone-dry corpses and had a bright idea.

So, they were tossing mummies on the fire left and right, the family gathered around the crackling hearth, drinking some cocoa and watching flames lick through the eye holes of half a dozens grinning skulls.

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