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Photos of WWII kamikaze strikes

Environmental Graffiti has posted an amazing series of photos showing terrifying kamikaze strikes during WW2. Kamikaze attack (top left) on USS Missouri (BB-63), 11 April 1945 The kamikaze strikes spiked from April to June 1945, becoming a central and highly organised part of the last gasp Japanese defence. Waves of planes were

Lost Roman law code discovered in London

Part of an ancient Roman Law code, thought to be lost forever, has been discovered after reasearchers pieced together 17 fragments of previously incomprehensible parchment. Corcoran and Salway found that the text belonged to the Codex Gregorianus, or Gregorian Code, a collection of laws by emperors from Hadrian (AD 117-138) to

Mayan tomb may shed light on civilization collapse

A 1,100-year-old tomb discovered discovered in Tonina, Mexico, may shed some light on why the Mayan civilization collapsed. Archeologist Juan Yadeun said the tomb, and ceramics from another culture found in it, may reveal who occupied the Mayan site of Tonina in southern Chiapas state after the culture's classic period began

How did ancient man run for long distances?

Ancient humans were endurance runners, but how did they do it without air-cushioned soles? [Thx Tron] The secret might have been to land on the balls of their feet. Daniel Lieberman at Harvard University and colleagues compared the gait of endurance runners in the US and Kenya and found that more than

Viking settlement found in Ireland

An 11th-century viking settlement has been found in Dublin, Ireland. Clear signs of a late-11th century – ie Viking – house have been found at a site in the Smithfield area owned by the Office of Public Works (OPW). Excavation works, commissioned and funded by the OPW, have been under way