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Reburial planned for fallen WWI soldiers

The bodies of over 400 troops buried in a mass grave in Northern France will get the heroe’s burial they deserve.

Twelve men from the Cameron Highlanders, with 15 soldiers with Scottish connections, are among the 400 Australian and British troops exhumed from their World War I resting place in a five-month operation, which ended in September.

They will now, in February, be given an individual service and burial with full military honours in marked, but unnamed graves, in a new £1.5million cemetery.

A memorial to the fallen heroes will be unveiled on July 19, the 94th anniversary of the Battle of Fromelles, in which more than 7,000 British and Australian troops were killed, wounded or taken prisoner in a disastrous 24 hours.

The bodies of the fallen were taken by the Germans to sites behind their lines and buried in pits. These were discovered in the 1920s during official post-war burial campaigns, leading to their re-interment by the then Imperial War Graves Commission.

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