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Massive Taharqa statue discovered in Sudan

A massive statute of the 25th dynasty Nubian pharaoh Taharqa has been discovered deep in Sudan.

No statue of a pharaoh has ever been found further south of Egypt than this one. “That’s one reason it’s so exciting and very interesting,” she said. The discovery was such a surprise that one colleague of Anderson’s didn’t believe it at first saying that the statues “can’t possibly be (at) Dangeil.”

Most of the finds discovered at Dangeil, so far, date to the time of the Kingdom of Meroe (3rd century BC – 3rd century AD).

While this is the furthest south that a pharaoh’s statue has been found, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Dangeil is the southern border of Taharqa’s empire. It’s possible that he controlled territory further up the Nile.

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