Mummy’s mysterious packet not an offering to the gods

Published on January 15th, 2010 | by Admin


Imaging performed on an Egyptian mummy with a mysterious packet inside of her has revealed that it was not an offering to the gods as had been hypothisized.

Previous tests led to speculation that the packet was a bird mummy something researchers said would be an unusual and exciting find but high-resolution tests Thursday at Quinnipiac University showed no remnants of a bird.

Instead, researchers said the packet and a few others in the mummy likely contained organs, which were sometimes preserved and placed back in mummies for use in the afterlife.

The mummy, known as Pa-Ib and believed to be about 4,000 years old, has been in the Barnum Museum in Bridgeport since the 1890s and was a prized exhibit of the flamboyant showman P.T. Barnum.

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