Did European’s visit Hawaii two centuries before Captain Cook?

Published on January 20th, 2010 | by Admin


An amateur historian in Hawaiian is trying to prove that Europeans visited Hawaii two centuries before Captain Cook landed in 1778.

Finding evidence of a shipwreck beneath the ocean would finally prove a theory that Rogers, an amateur historian, has been promoting for decades. He thinks a handful of Spanish and Dutch ships visited Hawaii in the centuries before Captain Cook landed there in 1778. Some Europeans came ashore after shipwrecks, like the characters in “The Swiss Family Robinson,” he claims, and eventually integrated into the local society. That early European influence in the 16th and 17th centuries forever changed Hawaiian culture, Rogers says.

“It’s cool — you read ‘Swiss Family Robinson’ and pirate stories, and here it really did happen,” said Rogers, a retired commercial airline pilot. “But nobody else is really paying attention to it.”

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2 Responses to Did European’s visit Hawaii two centuries before Captain Cook?

  1. Kevin Lende says:

    That is interesting. I had always heard that the Spanish knew of Hawaii from their voyages to the Phillipines. I have a print of a painting by Herb Kane that shows a Spanish Galleon sailing near The Big Island. The Galleon is more primative than any of Cook’s ships.


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