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Ancient Native American site mysteriously destroyed

An ancient American Indian site in Oxford, Alabama has been destroyed, and no one knows by whom.

A Jacksonville State University professor says an ancient American Indian site Oxford city officials agreed not to disturb has been destroyed, but he does not know by whom.

City officials say they have done nothing to harm the site.

JSU professor of archaeology and anthropology Harry Holstein said the site at the historic Davis Farm property in Oxford contained remnants of an American Indian village and the 3-foot-high base of a once 30-foot-high temple mound, which he says may have contained human remains.

When Holstein visited the site last summer, it was still intact.

But when he returned to the area Monday, he could find no sign of the mound or the village remnants.

The land is now flat, with tire tread marks clearly visible in the dirt.

“It’s been flattened like a pancake,” Holstein said. “There is just grass over it now.”

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3 thoughts on “Ancient Native American site mysteriously destroyed

  1. That’s really unfortunate. Why would anyone want to destroy an important archaeological site? It makes no sense. I hope people were at least able to study the site before this happened.

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