Underwater archaeology on This American Life

Published on February 1st, 2010 | by Admin


This American Life is one of my favourite podcasts. Last weeks episode, which I’m just getting around to, features a story on Fred van Doorninck and George Bass, the fathers of underwater archaeology. It’s a fascinating piece, and I highly recommend listening. You can listen to the whole episode online by clicking here, and you can subscribe to This American Life by clicking here. The story starts at the 23 minute mark.

Fred van Doorninck and George Bass were unlikely candidates for pioneering underwater Byzantine archaeology—Fred hates water, and George found the Byzantine era boring. But that’s exactly what they did, when they devoted 50 years to uncovering the mysteries of a shipwreck. Along the way they changed how we think about a thousand years of history. Planet Money’s Adam Davidson tells the story. (12 minutes)

[Full story] [Photo source]

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