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Personal Arifacts from Fromelles

The BBC has posted a collection of poignant photographs showing some of the 6,000 personal artifacts that were recovered from WWI mass graves in Fromelles, France.

More than 6,000 artefacts were recovered with the bodies of 250 Australian and British World War I soldiers at Pheasant Wood in the French village of Fromelles. they include this Bible page with passages underlined.

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2 thoughts on “Personal Arifacts from Fromelles

  1. i have just seen “finding lost battalions” repeated on more 4 & would just like to point out that the archaeologist stated the passages were underlined by the soldier i,m afraid this is incorrect the pages are identical to pages in a bible i have, given to my great grandfather in the boer war.the bibles were called “marked testament” & were sent by “friends of england” through “the mission house,410a point road, durban, natal”.it seems the idea was recycled for ww1. the pages & verses were marked in red & black during underlines the verses & red is in the margin & along side the marked verses,& as the photo shows some even have red hands & fingers pointing at the verses.i hope this clarifys this mistake,quite easily made without a bible such as mine to refer to & see the lines are printed not pen ink, lee fleming. ps i have just compared the markings on the photo to the markings in my bible & they look very,very similiar possibly identical ? it would seem it wasn,t just the idea that was recycled but the same printing blocks were used !

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