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Aviation archaeologists search for lost WWII Spitfire

Two aviation archaeologists are searching for a lost WWII Spitfire in Northern Ireland.

Gareth Jones and Steve Vizard have been keen to unravel the mystery of the missing aircraft.

They believe it’s buried underground on the site of City of Derry Airport, the former RAF Eglinton air base.

In 1941 the air base was established to defend Londonderry from German attack.

On 18 May, 1942, two fighter planes went up to practise dog-fights but one crashed and buried itself in the soft ground.

The 21-year-old pilot, Bill Creed, part of a Welsh unit, parachuted to safety but the missing aircraft has never been found.

Mr Jones, came to Derry two years ago and appealed to the people of the city to help locate the missing aircraft.

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2 thoughts on “Aviation archaeologists search for lost WWII Spitfire

  1. Is this the same steve visard from Sussex who regularly sold “recovered” spitfire parts at various militaria flea markets and who was prosecuted for robbing and selling the personal possessions from theclothing and remains of a recovered RAF WW2 pilot’s body that he was involved in digging out? Strange kind of archaeologist…

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