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Ancient Aztec temple found inside colonial building

An ancient Aztec temple has been discovered inside a normal colonial building in Mexico.

Archaeologists believe it dated from 1486 to 1502AC, when Emperor Ahuizotl ruled during what is called the Auge era of the Aztec empire.

Archaeologist Raul Barrera said the temple was clearly one of the most important buildings of the ancient Aztec capital, because it was dedicated to the wind god Ehécatl-Quetzalcóatl.

He said: “This god’s function was to create wind. He had the power to produce wind and, at the same time, open paths so that the gods, in his case Tlaloc and his helpers the Tlaloques, would produce rain. And the building we’ve been able to identify is the posterior part of the temple Ehecatl.”

The temple is located inside a colonial-era building in the heart of the Mexican capital and was discovered when the owner applied to remodel it. In Mexico, archaeologists inspect the construction of all buildings in the historic districts before issuing remodeling permits.

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