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1,700-year-old lead coffin found near Rome

An unusual sheet-metal coffin, made from a 360kg slab of lead, has been unearthed just outside Rome. [Thx Kristen] The gravesite at Gabii, a once-thriving city-state located about 20 kilometres from the centre of old Rome, is prompting speculation by experts that a great gladiator, beloved bishop or some other

Neolithic village unearthed in Syria

188 houses dating back to the Neolithic era have been unearthed at Tal Bokrous, Syria. Tal Bokrous is a sample of the first agricultural village built according to the architectural style of the Stone Age in Deir Ezzor, (432 kms northeast of Damascus, Syria). The site is the only archaeological

Mycenaean tombs may be evidence of classless society

The tombs of 21 individuals have been found in Greece. What is notable about the discovery is that the tombs do not contain the artifacts that are usually included in Mycenaean tombs, prompting archaeologists to speculate that they may have belonged to a previously unknown egalitarian society. A team of archaeologists have