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Crucifixion nail found with Templar bodies

A nail dating from the time of Christ’s crucifixion has been found off the coast of Madeira, alongside the bodies of three Templar knights.

Bryn Walters, an archaeologist, said the iron nail’s remarkable condition suggested it had been handed with extreme care, as if it was a relic.

“It dates from the first to second centuries,” he told the Daily Mirror.

While one would expect the surface to be “pitted and rough” he said on this nail the surface was smooth.

That suggested that many people had handled it over the centuries, with the acid on their hands giving it a “peculiar finish”.

Christopher Macklin of the Knights Templar of Britannia said the discovery was “momentous”.

He said the original Knights Templar may have thought it was one of the nails used in Christ’s crucifixion.

The nail was found together with three skeletons and three swords.

One of the swords had the Knight Templar’s cross inscribed on it.

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5 thoughts on “Crucifixion nail found with Templar bodies

  1. Ooooh…that story is monumental!

    There is a movie I have on DVD called “Revelation” in which modern-day alchemist ( genetic scientists) reconstitute a child from the blood on a nail from the crucifixion!

    I have a bunch of books about the Knights Templar and an enthralled by their history, real and imagined!

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