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Medieval fortifications unearthed at Prague castle

The remains of a 9th century moat, a rampart dating back to the 10th-11th centuries, and an illustration of the castle have been unearthed in Prague.

This one of a kind depiction was found on the lowest level of the stonework. As Ms. Marikova-Kubkova said, “this is the first find of this type in Prague.” The surprising finding was made on the final stage of excavation works in the premises to the south of the passage from the second to the third courtyards.

The remnants of Prague Castle’s fortifications were first uncovered only in the middle of the 20th century while construction works at the third courtyard were in progress. It is supposed that this very spot was a kind of cult place in the 9th century.

The archeologists managed to uncover only the lowest level of the fortifications stonework near the south passage. Some historical sources testify that local terrain originally was wave-like, but it was flattened in the 16th century while consctructing the buildings that do exist there in our days. As a result, almost all evidence of the previous dwellers activities was completely destroyed.

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