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6 historic acts of revenge that put ‘Kill Bill’ to shame has posted an interesting list about six incredible historic acts of revenge.

In 1807, a French dude named Pierre Picaud had just about everything on life’s menu going for him: a steady job as a cobbler, a home just outside the lovely French riviera and an insanely hot, wealthy French girlfriend. Everybody knows one jerk like that.

Pierre’s three friends Loupian, Solari and Chaubart always thought they’d like to take him down a notch, so when he eventually proposed, his buddies seized on the opportunity to plan the most dick bachelor party prank in history–by sending a letter to the feds accusing Pierre of being an English spy. We don’t know whether or not they also tied him naked to a lamp post.

He was arrested and imprisoned in the brutal Fenestrelle fortress for seven years without charge, and to make things even worse, his former friend Loupian spent that time comforting Pierre’s ex-fiance with his penis.

The Payback:

If you think this sounds like we’re just confusing The Count of Monte Cristo with reality, you’re half right. The guy who wrote that book, Alexandre Dumas, based his novel on police records detailing the true case of Pierre Picaud, whose incredible story of revenge was almost too strange to be believed even then.

Details are a little hazy, but at some point during Pierre’s imprisonment, he somehow became a millionaire. Apparently he had a wealthy cellmate named Father Torri with whom he struck up such a close friendship that Torri left him his fortune after he died. Either that, or he knocked over an armored car while on parole. Either way, Pierre made use of his newfound wealth to exact a tornado of justice worthy of a Death Wish sequel.

Over the course of 10 years, Pierre used his new wealth to brutally trick, ruin and murder his oppressors. One by one, his former friends wound up mysteriously dead, but it was that cuckolding prick Loupian who got the shortest end of the stick. Pierre first tricked the man’s daughter into marrying a criminal (whom Pierre had arrested), killing the poor girl out of shock. Pierre then burned Loupian’s business to the ground, had Loupian’s son arrested and then finished things off by stabbing the already ruined man to death, which was probably a small mercy.

Pierre was eventually kidnapped and killed by a fourth friend, Allut, who knew about the plot to frame Pierre but failed to report it. According to the French police, his insanely detailed deathbed confession was the basis for the entire report, which means that the only reason we know about it at all is because Pierre didn’t live quite long enough to finish the job.

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