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1641 Irish massacre eye-witness accounts examined

Academics are starting to reinvestigate the massacre of Protestants in Ireland, which took place in 1641,by studying documented eye-witness accounts.

University language experts have been given a grant of £334,000 to pore over thousands of witness accounts of massacres following the 1641 rebellion.

The Protestant death toll was most recently put at between 4,000 and 12,000, mainly in Ulster.

However, there have been allegations that accounts of the killings were exaggerated for propaganda purposes.

Four thousand depositions corresponding to about 20,000 pages which have been locked away in Trinity College Dublin (TCD) since 1741, have been transcribed into digital format over the past two years.

The research team will use IBM technology, known as “dirty text” analysis software, to examine and cross-reference names, places, words and phrases.

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  1. I’m not surprised. In my Tudor & Stuart class in university I remember going over some of the accounts, especially the popularized ones, and remarking just how repetitious they seemed. Lots of babies on spikes, naturally.

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